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Chris McKay won fans' hearts this year with his quirky yet touching The Lego Batman Movie. His efforts were so successful that Warner Bros. decided to task McKay with the big-screen introduction of one of DC's most popular characters: Dick Grayson a.k.a. Nightwing. Batman's former protegee is so popular that he is getting both a movie and the lead role in the TV series Titans, meaning in a few years we'll see two Nightwings gracing our big and small screens. Till then though, director Chris McKay has continued to keep his fans in the loop with regards to the movie's progress. And now he's dropped a new casting update.

In Search Of The Perfect Nightwing

The director took to Twitter just yesterday, to calm down fans who wanted some intel on the state of the upcoming movie.

As we can see, McKay really seems to be on track in finding the right Nightwing. The character is so beloved, that any actor brave enough to take Dick on has every ass-pect of analyzed. It's no wonder that McKay is taking his sweet time when it comes to casting. It's important to remember that Nightwing, being a member of the Bat-family, may end up in the upcoming film , if McKay follows the tradition of introducing major characters before their solo flicks. So it's extremely important that the director finds the right guy for the job.

Just recently, McKay revealed that he planned to make whoever got cast in the film work really hard for the role. He even stated that he'd be sending actors involved in the film to a boot camp of sorts. Nightwing is set to be pretty stunt heavy, which makes choosing the right actor even the more important. And let's not forget that whoever ends up nabbing the role also has to be seriously charming.

Dick coaxes Babs into overcoming her fears. [Credit: DC Comics]
Dick coaxes Babs into overcoming her fears. [Credit: DC Comics]

It seems as though McKay is very committed to making Nightwing the movie fans really want. And if that's true, then McKay should surely take his sweet time to make sure that when the film hits theaters it's perfect, from the casting to the stunts and tone of the film. After all, we can't go just "Dick-ing" around with this character!

What do you say Nightwing fans! Who should play Nightwing? Sound off Below.


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