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Mark Newton

With the success of The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises, every comic book fan in the land wants a movie for their favorite hero, but what happens when movie executives refuse to listen? The most dedicated fans take to the streets and make their own movie, is what. That's exactly what Canadian pro-wrestler Brady Roberts did in order to bring Nightwing to the small screen. Check out the trailer for Nightwing: Prodigal Son below:

(via Youtube)

OK, so the acting is a bit wooden and the costumes aren't exactly great, but still, it's perhaps the best fan made Nightwing video we've seen yet. It certainly trumps the one we saw a few months ago. I suppose that's to be expected though, as it apparently utilized over $100,000 worth of equipment. Still, they need more dough to deliver an actual non-profit pilot for television. Want to help? Well, head over to IndieGoGo to help fund it.

If a final Nightwing TV series or movie looked like this, would you be happy? Let us know in the comments section below.


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