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Right on the heels of their announcement that Matt Reeves will officially direct The Batman, Warner Bros. have made fans' longtime dreams come true and announced that is set to direct an upcoming Nightwing film for the DC Extended Universe.

Warner Bros.: "OhGodyes we do. WE SO DO."
Warner Bros.: "OhGodyes we do. WE SO DO."

As first reported by THR, the movie director is in talks to helm the film, with The Accountant scribe Bill Dubuque writing the script. Fun fact, this will be the second time that McKay has directed a film starring Dick Grayson, as the Bat-family member appeared in Lego Batman, voiced by Michael Cera.

is the latest film to join DC's ever expanding slate of releases, with the film being put into production alongside the recently announced Gotham City Sirens, The Batman and Suicide Squad 2.

Credit: DC Comics
Credit: DC Comics

While has appeared in live-action media before (most notably in the Nightwing: The Series webseries) fans of the character have yet to see Nightwing grace our screens, although the character was slated to lead the cast of TNT's Titans before the company caned the project.

With Nightwing now set to appear in the , does this end all talks of a possible appearance on Arrow? The character has been hinted at many times during the show's five seasons, and actor Steven R. McQueen has campaigned heavily to appear alongside Stephen Amell as Batman's favorite son.

It is unclear at this time what the film's story will revolve around, but I'd put good money on a appearance and a possible answer to the mysterious Robin outfit inside the Batcave. But the real question is, if Dick Grayson is coming to the DCEU, does that mean that Barbara Gordon/Batgirl will be joining him? It just wouldn't feel right if we had a movie about Dick Grayson if Babs weren't at least a small part of it.

There have been rumors swirling that if the next few projects for the DCEU don't pan out, the studio could be quietly planning a semi-reboot of the universe. If that's the case, building the new foundation of the DCEU around fan-favorite characters like Dick Grayson, , , and others would be as smart a choice as Warner Bros. has ever made with the live-action DCEU.



Are you looking forward to seeing Nightwing grace the DCEU?


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