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Now we know that Bruce Wayne enjoying a frappuccino in the sunny provinces of Tuscany was not the last we'd be seeing of the vigilante playboy billionaire, speculation has been rife about 's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie and the rumor mill has kicked into overdrive.

Well, another massive rumor just cropped up today. It comes from LatinoReview, which claims that actors are being sought for the role of an adult Dick Grayson, the former Robin-turned-Nightwing.

The site says they're looking for is "a young type" who would need to perform martial arts, although the site adds that Grayson would no longer be Batman's crime-fighting partner when this story takes place. It's also being reported that Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson haven't spoken in years in the movie.

It's up to you to decide how you want to take this one:

Presumably, 's Batman will be tired from having been fighting crime for so long. Adding in a former side-kick would allow for fan-favorite Nightwing to be included without having to show him as Robin first. I would watch the hell out of that...

However, if the rumors turn out to be true, should we say goodbye to the Man of Steel, seeing as Batman Vs. Superman appears to be becoming about everything else? Are they cramming too much stuff in this next movie? Who would be your choice to portray Nightwing? Let me know what you guys are thinking at this point, in the comment section below!



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