BySophie Atkinson, writer at
Sophie Atkinson

Last week, the internet was aflutter over rumors that Once Upon a Time star was dating . It was all sparked by a fairly innocent sounding tweet:

"Was just out with m'girl @ninadobrev & new friend and ND's castmate @wayansjr in ATL. We laughed very little."

I dunno, internet. I think you just believe what you want to believe! Not sure 'm'girl' is the steamiest way for David Anders to address his so-called new girlfriend - it makes him sound like an elderly 18th century farmhand.

David thought that the internet was being crazy and decided to put the rumors to bed once and for all on the same social media channel where the gossip started - Twitter.

"Guy can't go out with his friend @ninadobrev without incident?? C'mon Hollywood. You're better than this," posted David.

YEAH, Hollywood. Buck up your ideas, please! Just because Nina's newly single doesn't mean she's dating every man she's spotted with!

Or does it? Let me know whether you think David Anders is just being coy in the comments below.


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