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I'm a good bowler, and a good man.

Let's be honest, and , since their 3 year relationship came to an end earlier this year, haven't provided the gossip-hungry bloggers with the best material around. Mature, well-rounded, friends: all these words are being used in abundance. Sure, it's great for them, but for those who crave drama: it's just not providing the goods!

They continued to act cool and collected in front of the Comic-Con panel for The Vampire Diaries Saturday in San Diego, joining co-stars , and . They sat next to each other, and the real-life Damon Salvatore even joked about their off-screen breakup!

"Is there anyone Elena hasn't made out with?", Dobrev asks. Then, , after a audience member asks her for a kiss, she jokes: "Give me your number. I'll set you up." Wow, jokes - they really are acting mature about everything!

And it sounds like there interaction on the show will be far brighter, with no imminent breakup in store. Somerhalder states that "the interaction between Damon and Elena is really cute" in the first batch of episodes, after they FINALLY became a couple at the end of Season 4. In fact, looks like events on-screen will be the opposite of their off-screen travails - at least at the start of the season, Dalena is set to be one happy unit. Dobrev even said to Entertainment Weekly in a separate chat that:

"It's been a fun summer for Elena and Damon. Elena's going to college now, so they're going to try to make the long distance thing work."

Ah, long-distance. It starts all rosy, but a few months down the line...

What does everyone think? Excited for The Vampire Diaries Season 5?


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