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Oh, modern love. More specifically, modern breakups in the 21st century. Whatever would we do without Twitter to know that recently broken-up celebrities are TOTALLY OVER each other and having the TIME OF THEIR LIVES now that they're single and are, like, SO MUCH HAPPIER without each other in a manner that doesn't at all reek of desperately trying to prove to themselves they're over it. No, not at all.

The break-up heard 'round the world (No, not Robert and Kristen. Again.) triggered more of this, with The Vampire Diaries couple and both active on Twitter since their split, each seemingly trying to outdo one another in the "I'm happy, REALLY" competition.

The chronically adorable Dobrev was a Twitter junkie on Saturday, hitting the world with a barrage of Tweets from her friend's black tie wedding, the picture of joy and love for her friends...but not without a little bit of drama first, when the dress she brought for the wedding went missing:

(I'll forgive the teeth-grating typo as the girl was clearly in a rush and on her phone.)

Still, she made it to the wedding on time and was cute as a button in a pink, lace dress:

Somerhalder, on the other hand, was also on Twitter, letting the world know he's a busy, busy, BUSY guy:

He seems a little stressed-out, no? Even so, he found the time to Tweet about his brand-new baby. No, not a little human, but a new car:

But of course the super-green, eco-conscious actor got a hybrid. Just one of the reasons to adore him, no?

I declare Dobrev the winner of this Twitter battle. I kind of suspect she was the one who initiated the break-up, so that makes sense. Good to see the pair of them are still living their lives while moving on. Still, how weird would it be to have to pretend you're a couple on screen with the person you just broke up with? Talk about not being able to make a clean break. Good thing their off-season hiatus came when it did.


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