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SNina Doberv has played very different roles Degrassi, The Perks of Being a Wildflower, Let's Be Cops, Final Girls, The Americans and The Vampire Diaries. In January, she'll co-star in her first blockbuster action film, xXx: Return of Xander Cage, alongside Vin Disel and Samuel L. Jackson.

If Dobrev is pursuing an action movie future, is it only a matter of time until she dons a superhero (or supervillain) outfit? She recently told Brazilian entertainment site Cine Pop that she originally wanted to play Wonder Woman, but since Gal Gadot got the part, she's now open to Selina Kyle:

"I don't know the comic books that well to be able to list them. Catwoman, maybe? That would be fun. She is not really a…yeah, she kinda is a villain sometimes. Halle Barry did it a few years ago, but I think we should do it again and I should be it!"

Dobrev does possess some qualities that would lend themselves very well to Batman's favorite feline anti-hero. Her role as the sexy, smooth, powerful temptress vampire Katerina Petrova on is very Catwoman-like. Plus, she’s a former gymnast who can throw down and she isn’t shy about showing off her skills. Watch as she kicks Conan's ass:

Still, I don’t think she quite fits Catwoman, at least not for the DCEU. Selina Kyle is supposed to be around the same age as , and with Ben Affleck's portrayal of the Dark Knight being a seasoned veteran, I think Catwoman should be a little older too. Fear not, Nina, there are still quite a few heroines that you’d be perfect for.

1. Huntress/Helena Bertinelli

We all know by now that Warner Bros. has Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn/Birds of Prey film in the works. It will allegedly feature quite a few heroines, and Huntress has to be in it. The Bulgarian beauty's portrayal of the evil Katherine on is kinda reminiscent of Helena. Like Katherine, Helena rarely shows mercy — once she has her sights set on a target, that's it. Both women don't mind getting blood on their hands either...well, Katherine may like it a little more than Helena.

The Sicilian mafia-born Helena Bertinelli teeters between good and bad. At eight years old, Helena was forced to watch as her family were slain right before her eyes. As she grew older, tortured Helena plotted her revenge. On her quest to avenge her family’s death, the costumed vigilante's merciless murderess ways conflicted with heroes like Batman and Barbara Gordon. Fortunately for the heroes, she’d join the good fight, briefly suiting up as Batgirl and Spyral.

2. Jessica Drew/Spider-Woman

The pretty much dominates the world of comic book cinema. Like most fans, I am still wanting more female heroes. Jessica Drew's introduction into the MCU has to happen at some point, especially since she's heavily connected to HYDRA.

As mentioned earlier, Nina is no stranger to playing a hero-slash-villain type, so Spider-Woman would be perfect.

See Also:

Jessica was born into a family of scientists. While working for HYDRA, her then-pregnant mother was exposed to experimental DNA from spiders, thus affecting Jessica, who was born with unique superhuman, spider-like abilities. She would later suit up as Arachne and become a deadly assassin for HYDRA, but after realizing that they were up to no good, she joined the fight against evil, which included a stint with the .

3. Mia Dearden/Speedy

When (or if) the decides to make a Green Arrow movie, there should be a portrayal of his other sidekick, Mia. Though Nina hasn't played a role that allowed her to dive into a character that was so emotionally tortured, I think she has the range to pull this off. Mia was a former prostitute turned Green Arrow sidekick, and one of the only comic characters to be diagnosed with HIV.

See Also:

We’ve seen depictions of Mia quite a bit. Her truest depiction was on Smallville, played by Elise Gatien, but she was nothing more than a reoccurring character. Artemis in (thank the comic gods and for a season 3) was a loose depiction of the character as well. Artemis was the daughter of Sportsmaster and Huntress, but she was introduced as Oliver's niece; after going undercover as Tigress, she would eventually go on to marry Wally and retiring.

The most in-depth depiction came in the form of Thea Dearden Queen currently being played very well by Willa Holland on . Thea goes through some of the same things as Mia — parties, drugs, sex — and of course the costume and the nickname Speedy.

4. Kitty Pryde/Shadowcat

The may or may not reboot, depending on which site you read any given day. If so, no doubt they should look to add Kitty Pride, but in a vastly more prominent role. They really dropped the ball with the fantastic Ellen Page; now they have a chance to get her right.

Kitty is a geek with leadership qualities who goes on to become one of the leaders of the X-Men. Like Ellen Page, Nina is a Canadian actress looking to break into Hollywood in a big way. In the new xXx sequel, Nina plays Becky, a tech-savvy, computer-loving funny character who perfectly embodies Kitty Pryde. Nina would be dope in the role as Shadowcat.

5. Kara Zor-El/Supergirl

Melissa Benoist is doing a great job playing the older cousin from Krypton on The CW's , but she's more bubbly, funny and clumsy than her comic book counterpart. Nina without a doubt could pull off a hothead, feisty, brash Kara from the comics in the DCEU.


Which of these roles should Nina Dobrev play?


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