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Sophie Atkinson

Jeepers weepers! I was already in pieces about the breakup of painfully good looking on-screen/off-screen lovers, and . I mean, I’m sure they had their problems, but I doubt either of them will snag new beaus half as picturesque as their last ones. You guys, you can get wallpaper for your PC with their faces on because that’s how pretty they are.

But I digress. The pair had been doing fine, Ian had replaced the love and warmth of a significant other in his life with a shiny new car and Nina had been having all sorts of high-jinks with wardrobe malfunctions at someone else’s wedding.

They’d been avoiding each other but as they say, there’s no bizniz like show bizniz and the star-crossed ex-lovers were forced to spend time together at The CW’s upfronts. A source reports that they initially tried to swerve each other at the event, saying "they avoided eye contact. It was awkward." Well, doi.

This same ultra-discrete source kept their eyeballs firmly trained on the pair as they reluctantly struck up what’s been described as an ‘intimate’ conversation, and confided in that well known keeper of secrets, US Weekly that:

"Her eyes welled up. She looked so sad."

Ahh, Neens. It’s a tricky one, sweetheart. Strikingly beautiful, famous, wealthy women in their early twenties always have difficulties finding a new boyfriend – at least, that’s the word on the street. Guys, can we start calling Nina Bridget Jones yet?

So what do we think? Does this signal the pair might be regretting their hasty decision to break things off? Shoot me a line below.


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