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Vampire Diaries Fans might have been howling into their man-sized box of tissues but, Nina Dobrev was having a right laugh when 'Delena' broke up.

The young actress who plays Elena in The Vampire Diaries revealed the reason for her uncontrollable bouts of the giggles to E! News by letting slip that:

Five years into it, we kind of do have to explore every little thing and that would definitely have been the last [plausible scenario]. And I remember when we were rehearsing that scene for the first time when we had to shoot it I made a joke about it. We were rehearsing and you have to really get into it, and it's like the first time the crew watches the scene, and we're doing it and then he breaks up with me and I'm just like, 'Wait… what?! No. Damon that's not how this works.' And we made this whole joke out of it. I mean he never breaks up with her. She's the one who breaks up with everybody

Things aren't always so lighthearted for Delena on-screen...

I am glad that appreciates the comedy behind Elena's bubby personality and, the fact the she uses her popularity to her advantage despite her sweet persona.

Dobrev and her ex-beau obviously share a brilliant sense of humor and, laid-back outlook on life. I mean, not only are they adorable behind the scenes during their on-screen break up, they are also equally as sweet in public about there real life split.

I can't think of any other celebrity couple who could have pulled off the People's Choice Awards like this pair. When pressed about her on-screen peck with Somerhalder, Dobrev was typically low key. The star said;

We were like, well, we're cool, we're friends and co-stars. He's a great person, I'm a great person… I mean, I think I'm pretty awesome. So it doesn't need to be awkward and I think everyone expected it to be so awkward. We made fun of ourselves and just had fun.

Bless her little cottons!

Don't you think Dobrev would be the perfect dinner party guest?

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