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Sophie Atkinson

I don't know what most internet gossip columnists count as signs of a woman being over her boyfriend, but I wouldn't say posting inspirational quotes is one of 'em.

The Stir reported here that Nina Dobrev's new habit of tweeting 'daily picture quotes' (sister got way too much time on her hands, srsly) implies that she's So Over Ian, babe.

Jeez, guys. That's way up there with dancing round your bedroom to Christina Aguilera's Fighter ie. so not a sign of being over someone. What's next? Will a dramatic new haircut or a kissing spree also be interpreted as Nina rising, phoenix-like, from the ashes of her and Ian's cold dead relationship?

Here's a little taster of the sort of thing she's been posting:

FYI, that's from Nina Dobrev on Whosay.

Gurl needs a hobby and stat. Somebody teach her su doku or something. This one's a bit better:

Again, from Nina Dobrev on WhoSay.

Still, for all my cynicism, I did notice one thing. Normally, commenter boards are the darkest places on the internet - seething masses of racism, homophobia and that weird mix of lust and hate directed to slebs on the internet. But Nina really does seem to have the most lovely fans. All the comments on her Whosay page are nothing but sheer sweetness!

Check out a few comments I've cherrypicked at random:

essynikol • 3 days ago My life has been a nightmare for years but you make the good part in it with your tweeting. Thank you!!


Rafaela Verni • 3 days ago − You're so beautiful Nina! Brazil loves you! ♥

Double aww! Finally, a comment on Nina's Company magazine cover:

a • 21 hours ago wow, stunning as always !

You guys are the best. I'm sure whether or not Nina's over Ian, she'll be fine with fans like you around. Here, have an inspirational boogie.



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