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To Vampire Diaries fans, Nina Dobrev will always be the ultimate leading star. In her role as Elena, Nina gave us everything we needed from a heroine. She was the golden girl at school who hid the pain she felt from the tragic death of her parents, who grew up to be a complicated, flawed young woman.

When she was in love with Stefan, we were in love with Stefan, and when she moved on to Damon, viewers fell head-over-heels for Damon too. But it wasn't just about romance, we were truly devastated and touched when Elena sacrificed herself in order to allow Bonnie to live her life fully.

Nina herself became a symbol of the love we all felt for the show, which was totally proven when she became the first unelected person to win a People's Choice Award in 2014. Even though her name wasn't an option on the voting ballot, fans adored Dobrev so much that the sheer number of votes cast by them meant she was deemed the only one worthy of taking the trophy home.

Dobrev owes a lot to the television series that launched her career and often looks back with great fondness. Did you know Nina is the biggest fan girl when it comes to The Vampire Diaries? If you thought your Instagram was obsessed with those sexy vamps, think again. You ain't seen nothing until you've seen Nina's posts.

1. , A Fan Girl Always Remembers

Nina may have left The Vampire Diaries in May 2015, but it seems a part of her cold, dead, vampire heart still lives for the program. Nina posts countless throwbacks to her time on set, as an ode to the legacy of the show, if you will.

Once you go vampire you never go back and Nina often looks back fondly at the memory of her time on Mystic Falls.

We're not crying, you're crying! We imagine it must have been difficult for Nina to say goodbye to her vampire family after six years together, but this is a fitting tribute.

2. She Still Has A Whole Lot Of Vampire Love

This scene definitely gave us dress-up ideas. How many of us tried talking our boyfriends into donning masks a la Elena and Stefan? We wonder if Nina misses getting to kiss Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley all the time? We most definitely would. Oh all the memories are flooding back now.

3. As The Ultimate Fan Girl, She's Shares With Us The Sweetest Moments On Set

We must find out where you get these cakes from because they'd be just perfect for Halloween. Dobrev takes her fascination with the blood suckers to the next level, which only increased our thirst for more.

Nina shows us that on the set of The Vampire Diaries it's all about the cake fights.Blood red, of course. According to this post, Dobrev is often the instigator. What we wouldn't give to have a job that left us in such a good mood, eh?

The cast and crew definitely give as good as they get, though. Nina has also been well and truly . The hilarious video shows just how much excitement was had on set of 'The Vampire Diaries'. Apparently the undead just wanna have fun.

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4. She Fan Girls Off Camera Too

Nina takes us on a trip down memory lane, showing us things from behind the scenes that without Nina's candid shots we would never have seen. Dobrev looks after her fans by enveloping us entirely in the VD world.

We love thinking about how close the cast and crew must have become, it's heartwarming to think that the characters you know and love genuinely care for each other.

Nina's real life goodbye could even be sadder than Elena's departure. All these beautiful flowers and that ridiculously huge cake are wonderful, but really it's the memories she's taken with her that mean the most.

Nina giving us serious squad goals, never before have I wanted to be a vampire so much. Look at them all, wonderfully good looking and happy, maybe blood has some beauty properties we need to look into?

5. Fan Girl To The Max

Please tell us Nina took this from the set and it now lives in her house and every morning she gives it a little bite? The shot featuring Daniel Gillies of The Originals shows us The Vampire Diaries alone are not enough for Nina. She's always hungry for more when it comes to her neck nibbling urges.

Carrie, get your shit together, the answer is clearly The Vampire Diaries, Nina knows it and so do we. ? Indeed.

Thank You, Nina

Nina, we would like to say thank you for your performance on the show and also thanks for being a fellow 'Vampire Diaries' nerd.

Watch the video below to see Nina accept her Teen Choice Award for Actress, Sci-Fi/Fantasy back in 2015. The celebrated star looks back at her time on the show, goes on to feel a little nostalgic and then bravely looks forward to what the future may bring.

As far as we're concerned vampire blood with always run through Nina's heart.

Is Nina the ultimate Vampire Diaries fan girl or are you her biggest contender?


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