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Breakups aren't like they used to be... A long, long time ago, we'd have to hear about breakups through mutual friends, landline telephone calls, or - shock horror! - meeting up in person. But now, most of us, including the celebrities we like to stalk, have harnessed the power of Twitter. According to Entertainment Wise, Vampire Diaries star is one of them.

Recently, the actress who has just split from her longtime boyfriend and co-star , has taken to Twitter to alert us all to the importance of "health, friends and family", with a series of food images:


Meanwhile, Somerhalder has taken to New Orleans to be with his family and mend his broken heart. The fan-favorite thesp recently took to Twitter himself, to disclose a small piece of his pain with a cryptic tweet recently, saying "A thought for today: 'People change and forget to tell each other"... All fingers pointing at Nina?

What advice would you give the couple to help them get over their split? Let us know below.


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