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Nina Dobrev is returning to The Vampire Diaries! Granted, it's only for the final hour of the final season, but fans will take it. Since Elena launched the series as the fresh-faced human torn between the two Salvatore brothers, it's only fitting that she returns to Mystic Falls before the credits roll for the last time.

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Elena Has Been In A Magic-Induced Coma Since The End Of Season 6

This made viewers breathe a little sigh of relief. Though opted to leave the show, at least she hadn't been killed, leaving the possibility for a return.

Of course, in Mystic Falls, death wasn't really much of a obstacle anyway. (How many times has Bonnie died now?) Still, heartbroken fans didn't want to see Damon suffer the soul-crushing agony of watching his beloved die.

Now as the series winds to its finale on March 10th, fans will wait with breathless anticipation for the reunion between Damon and Elena ().

But Closure Brings Its Own Risks

After all, the two lovers have had a bumpy relationship since day one. Can we expect a happily ever after?

Remember the colossal elephant in the room after Elena drank the cure that turned her back into a human? She wanted Damon to be human again. That didn't happen, so their future happiness is still on shaky ground. (But honestly, did anyone ever expect Damon to become a human again? The show is called The Vampire Diaries, after all!)

Viewers are already asking the question: When Elena awakens, will she remain a human or become a vampire again to stay with Damon?

How Elena Is Key To The Series Finale

Now that the show is ending, there is no need for Damon to remain a vampire, which opens up the possibility for a future with Elena as a human. In fact, series creator Julie Plec told TV Guide that Damon remains ready to do that. Now that would be the perfect ending to a series that has been fraught with evil, mayhem, and sorcery.

However Elena's return plays out, her highly anticipated return will send The Vampire Diaries off in style — as the innocent teenager turned vampire turned human rejoins her Mystic Falls family.

How excited are you about Elena's return?


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