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Acting the part of both good and evil must be tough for the talented Nina Dobrev, but things have just got a whole lot tougher. Now darkness and light are inhabiting the same body and a brand new set of challenges have been thrown in the young actress' direction.

Nina Dobrev portraying both Elena and Katherine

plays both Elena Gilbert and her ancient doppelganger Katherine Pierce on The Vampire Diaries, but things in Mystic Falls have got even more confusing. Katherine has taken Elena's body hostage and Dobrev has an interesting way of describing the situation. The star said;

Elena is kind of gone, Katherine took over her body, so she's MIA and nobody knows, it's kind of like going missing, like, getting kidnapped and the kidnapper leaving a note and saying that you're on vacation for indefinitely and, nobody is going to look for you because they don't know you're gone

Dobrev then went on to state the obvious when she told MTV that;

It's kind of a scary thing for her and it'll be interesting to see how long Katherine can get away with it

I think scary is a bit of an understatement! Having another person enter and steal your body like a parasitic wasp while you are still hidden in there somewhere surely qualifies as at least petrifying? Ghastly maybe?

But, don't take my word for it, hear the words straight from the ever-glamorous horse's mouth below:

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How do you think Elena will escape her unusual dilemma? Will Damon be involved?

Let me know your opinions below!


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