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Sophie Atkinson

Most mere mortals mark a break up with an XXL tub of Ben&Jerrys and maybe a couple of bottles of Carlo Rossi. But when you're brunette beauty and fabulously wealthy person, , a luxury holiday in Thailand is in order.

It sounds like she had the trip of a lifetime: the tweetaholic actress hit the social media channel regularly during her travels and her feed was littered with the same envy-inducing tweets like 'The perfect sunset after the perfect day...' and 'Chilling in paradise with my brother Alex' that those random acquaintances from college spam your social media feed with each day, too. Slebs, eh? Just like us! Humblebraggers, one and all.

We reckon she had one too many pina coladas on her last day in Thailand as she got emotional, tweeting her two million followers with a message confessing she was 'High on life...Best last day ever. Thank you to the world for being so beautiful. So much gratitude love and appreciation.'

'Check.. Check and CHECK ! Packed... Not ready to go. But I have to anyway. Good night world and the beautiful people in it :)'

Nina marked her return to the US of A with a tweeting spree. She posted: 'I'M HOME! Welcome back to Hotlanta! From one humid place to the other...So many flashes of happy 'moments' from across the world :)'.

It sounded like the actress was suffering from a spot of jetlag when she followed this up with 'That moment when you walk outdoors in Atlanta and start sweating profusely...and then you realize you're still wearing a winter sweater because you we're [sic] freezing from the AC inside.'

Temperature adjustments aside, we're glad you had fun, Nina!


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