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Nina Dobrev has sifted through her treasure trove of Vampire Diaries memories to identify her very favourite moment on set.

Unfortunately for members of team 'Delena' it did not involve locking lips with her co-star and ex-boyfriend, the smouldering . Instead, told TV Fanatic that her favourite scene is conveniently a showcase of both of her characters on the show.

The sweet starlet shunned soppy love scenes and instead chose the epic fight between Elena and Katherine (both played by Dobrev) as The Vampire Diaries moment that really got her pulse racing.

Don't take it from us though, hear it from the horses mouth in the video below!

Nina Dobrev Red Carpet Interview

Isn't it refreshing to see an actress who clearly has a passion for their show after 5 long years on set? I am touched by how Dobrev found it liberating to have her character climb to the top and reach her goal.

While the Katherine/Elena fight scene certainly sticks in the mind, I'm sure there are other kick-ass moments to top it. What are your favourite Vampire Diaries moments? I'll show you mine if you show me yours...

Source: TV Fanatic

Image: Tumblr


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