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The Vampire Diaries stars (24) and (34) split not too long ago, and although the two CW darlings seem to still be on good terms, lots of us are still left scratching our heads. They're both young, gorgeous, apparently have good chemistry and seem to be genuinely nice people. And the breakup was so, amicable. It's a little confusing. The media's been left groping for reasons behind the split. Was it Somerhalder's bid to be Christian Grey for Fifty Shades of Grey? Nope.

Now more details emerge about why: Wedding plans.

According to In Touch Weekly (via, an "insider" says:

Ian was starting to talk marriage while Nina's just getting started on her career...Nina still loves him but isn't ready to make that huge commitment. She's just too young for Ian.

Meanwhile, over at US Weekly, a "source" (Same one? Maybe, maybe not!) says:

[Dobrev] felt it was too early to take things to the next level. They're professionals. They'll work together and remain best friends.

I don't see what the big deal is. Let's not even consider their 10-year difference in age. Sure, age isn't supposed to be a thing, but ultimately this seems to be more about timing and life stages (which don't have to have anything to do with age). There could be a 20-year age difference, but if they're in the same place in their lives then they probably want the same things. In this case, splitting up to let each other be happy with what they want out of life is better than resenting each other after getting married when only one of them was truly ready.

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