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Nina Dobrev, like the queen of England, appears to have two birthdays. After celebrating her illustrious birth earlier this month, Dobrev decided another party was in order and, she had a really wild time.

The The Vampire Diaries star earned her stripes as the jungles sassiest wild cat thanks to makeup artist, Jake Bailey. The snap shared on Instagram shows sporting a tiger costume and is published with the caption;

Jungle cat on @ninadobrev for last nights (sic) bday party. Happy birthday Nina!!

Nina Dobrev shows us her wild side!

Nina is clearly a model employee because she also took to Twitter to show the Vampire Diaries bosses, and getting into the party spirit with the caption;

Killing it! Hahaha you both looked great

Julie Plec and Kevin Willamson get into the party spirit

As if they wasn't celebration enough, the party-hungry Dobrev also invited the cast to her LA home for a screening party to observe the momentous Vampire Diaries 100th episode.

Nina Dobrev and once again proved their were no bad feelings between them and the Hollywood hunk was pictured joining in the festivities at his former girlfriend's pad.

Ian Somerhalder enjoys Nina Dobrev's 100th episode bash

The milestone episode made its debut in the US last night and it seems that the cast were just as psyched as fans of the super natural hit show!

Wouldn't you love to have been invited to Nina Dobrev's 100th episode screening party?

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