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I've always known there would come a day when I would be forced to awaken from my catnip coated haze to acknowledge that someone could possibly out-feline Halle Berry's painfully hilarious portrayal of the titular Catwoman — no offense, Hathaway — but today might just be that day. A former star of and all-round babe has admitted that she'd be up for becoming 's clawing queen and I have to say, I think she'd be purrfect for the job.

While promoting xXx: The Return of Xander Cage, Brazilian entertainment website CinePOP asked if she'd ever be interested in starring in a superhero movie, to which Dobrev responded:

"I think it would've been really fun to play Wonder Woman, but that movie's already been made ... Catwoman maybe? That would be fun. Halle Berry did it a few years ago, but I feel like we should do it again — and I should be it."

Scroll to 2:12 for the question:

See also:

Considering Nina was once a competing gymnast, representing Canada in Aesthetic Group Gymnastics and part of the Senior World Championships in 2005, she would be able to jump nimbly-bimbly from tree to tree with ease — or y'know, a basketball court:

Do you think Nina Dobrev would make a good Catwoman?


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