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The Vampire Diaries star recently led a Twitter interview hosted by Vanity Fair magazine and, although generous with donating her time to fans, Dobrev was noteably tight with her information surrounding her recent split from Vampire Diaries co-star .

Fans could tweet their questions for Nina to the magazine's Krista Smith marked with the hashtag . Smith would then choose questions to ask Nina and then Nina would then tweet out her answers.

Although the 24-year-old actress was happy to answer questions concerning her career, her workouts, her hobbies, and even her favorite ever episode of The CW's Vampire Diaries ("Lost Girls"), Dobrev kept mum on what exactly happened between her and Ian.

Although it's starting to seem like we'll never really know all the reasons at play during causing breakup, it's good to see that Nina appears healthy and happy, and not betraying Ian's trust by dishing the dirt on their three-year relationship.

Is Ian and Nina's relationship better left alone? Or should Dobrev get the public bashing she deserves for breaking Ian's marriage-ready heart? Sound off below.


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