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With the 13th of October hitting on a Friday this year, fans have had their attention on the internet to see what fun surprises we might have in store for us. In addition to a brand new trailer for , as well as a teaser for , fans got a completely unexpected Halloween-themed surprise — and it might just be the most awesome thing we possibly could have received.

To celebrate Friday the 13th, Oscar-winning composers and Atticus Ross took to social media to drop a surprise cover of John Carpenter's iconic theme song to the 1978 horror classic, Halloween. All I have to say is whether or not you're a fan of Reznor's longstanding band , you are going to love this nearly eight-minute cover. If you are a fan, just imagine what it would sound like if Michael Myers was walking through Haddonfield with "The Downward Spiral" playing in the background:

Reznor and Ross have been a musical powerhouse in Hollywood since they won an Oscar and Golden Globe back in 2011 for their score to The Social Network. They've since scored Patriots Day, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Gone Girl, The Vietnam War and the Leonardo DiCaprio documentary Before the Flood. They also made a guest appearance as Nine Inch Nails on this past June.

In retrospect, fans might have gotten an early hint with the Amazon listing for John Carpenter's greatest hits album, "John Carpenter Anthology: Movie Themes 1974-1998." However, it's unclear whether this track will appear as an unannounced bonus track, or if it will not appear at all since it's not on the tracklist.

[Credit: Sacred Bones Records / The Null Corporation]
[Credit: Sacred Bones Records / The Null Corporation]

This could possibly be a hint that the duo might be in the running to compose a score for the 2018 Halloween reboot. This track comes less than a month after was confirmed to be returning to the franchise to reprise her role of Laurie Strode, and their schedule is fairly open.

Reznor and Ross haven't necessarily entered the world of horror cinema, but I wouldn't by any means say they'd be a bad fit. If you know Nine Inch Nails' music (or videos) at all, you are well aware of how horror-esque the music can be. We also can't forget that Reznor recorded "The Downward Spiral" while living in the Sharon Tate murder house.

Halloween is set to hit theaters on October 19, 2018, with the "John Carpenter Anthology" album dropping via digital, CD, and vinyl on October 20, 2017.


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