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Here's some news to delight your former/present grunge-kid self: Rollingstone have reported that Trent Reznor, front man of the almighty American industrial rock band Nine Inch Nails, will 'score David Fincher's upcoming adaptation of Gillian Flynn's novel, Gone Girl'.

The news comes straight from the man himself, who took to Twitter to reveal that it would also be a collaboration with .

Gone Girl will be the professional power couple's third collaboration on a Fincher soundtrack, including: The Social Network, which saw them win a Golden Globe and Oscar for Best Original Score. They also earned themselves recognition from the Golden Globes for their soundtrack accompaniment to The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

If you are not already accustomed with the premise of Gone Girl then here's a summary:

stars as Nick Dunne, a man accused of murdering his wife, Amy () after she goes missing the day of their fifth anniversary. Gone Girl is scheduled to open on October 3rd.See more:

Did you love Reznor and Ross' work on the previous two Fincher films? Or are you averse to their work? Let us know in the comments section!

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Source: Rollingstone



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