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Tino Jochimsen

Now that isn’t directing the next bond movie it’s only natural that Bond fans should look left and right for a suitable director to follow up on Skyfall. The latter of course was the most successful picture of the franchise financially – as well as artistically as some would argue.

Hence the stakes are high and the powers will need a great director to take them. The shouldn’t count on Danny Boyle.

The Oscar winning filmmaker talked about his career at the 92YTribeca and stated that he’d much preferred 'to have a ceiling' expressing his preference for lower budgets and the need for creativity that comes with them:

A ceiling that is limiting us and you try and break through. We want our films to look like $100 million dollars, that’s for sure. And we want them to sound like $200 million. But you try and do that with that cap on them. And that’s where the energy, belief and evangelical nature of the process comes from.


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