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Ever since Daredevil first aired on Netflix last year, fans have been wondering whether the end game for is for them to team up with the Avengers, in the biggest crossover between TV and film in history.

With the interstellar forces of Thanos rearing their ugly heads in , the third Avengers movie seemed like the perfect time to bring in reinforcements from the mean streets of NYC. And yet, if the Defenders and Avengers ever do fight side by side, it looks like we have a little longer to wait.

In a recent interview with The Toronto Sun, Marvel bossman Kevin Feige was asked about the prospect of the Defenders appearing on the big screen. His response was characteristically vague, but still filled with plenty of hints.

"I think it would be great to have them over at some point it’s just, where and when and how. They have to be integrated very well. That takes time and planning and on the movie side, we do all that. On the television side, they’re doing their own planning and their own season layout, so finding the sweet spot where those two things can match isn’t impossible, I just think we just need to do it the right way. We wouldn’t want to have it be silly."

While it's good to know Feige is just as enthusiastic about a team-up as we are, and that he and the writers are taking a lot of care with this prospect, there's one unfortunate conclusion we can draw from this statement...

No Defenders In Infinity War

Of course, Feige would never come out and say something so definitive, but there's plenty of evidence to suggest this is the case.

The Netflix Defenders will team up later this year. [Netflix]
The Netflix Defenders will team up later this year. [Netflix]

Firstly, Feige is speaking very much in metaphorical terms. The way he frames it, the possibility of seeing the Defenders on the big screen is still a distant possible that might happen "at some point." He also mentions the "time and planning" and work that would go into such a team-up, noting that the sync-up with Netflix would be difficult, as any such cinematic appearance may interrupt the series plans for the TV shows.

With Avengers: Infinity War coming out in less than a year and a half, it looks like Marvel don't have the time left to find this ever-elusive "sweet spot". In interviews, the Russo brothers have spoken about the Infinity War script as though it's complete, and while last-minute rewrites aren't impossible — after all, they were forced to write Spider-Man out, then back into Civil War — a crossover of this magnitude couldn't just be tacked on.

Avengers must get themselves back together before they team up with others. [Marvel]
Avengers must get themselves back together before they team up with others. [Marvel]

The fact that the Infinity War plot will now be confined to one film, rather than being the two-parter it was originally announced to be, would seem to imply that we're not going to see the Avengers fall into peril in Part One, only for the Defenders to leap to their rescue in Part Two.

This is probably a good thing though, because Infinity War will bring us the long-awaited team-up of the Avengers with another superhero team: The Guardians of the Galaxy. Revealed earlier this year, we now know that the Guardians will help the Avengers fight Thanos, which honestly makes more sense than the Defenders, considering the beloved "bunch of A-holes" already have history with the Mad Titan.

Beyond Infinity War, it seems that the prospect of seeing the Avengers work with Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist is a distinct possibility — we just might to wait until the mysterious Phase 4 to see it happen.


Do you want to see the Defenders and Avengers team up?

[Source: The Toronto Sun]


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