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: erotic myth, actress, model, singer (although we can skip the latter), demi-goddess... There's only so much you can say about the talented 28-year-old, but Harper's Bazaar probably sums it up best: she's the 'modern Marylin.' She definitely has a recurring role in many, many people's nighttime fantasies, and has achieved a hard-earned status as a popular sex icon while remaining elegant, focused and smart. In this September's issue of HB Australia, she graces the cover with a beautiful picture looking windblown while wearing an interesting Dolce & Gabbana dress with a mosaic motif:

We don't usually endorse judging literary works by their cover, but I think we can wiggle in an exception for that with this amazing piece of photography and modeling. Once the reader stops staring at the -penned cover, he/she is in for further surprises: inside the mag is this full-page pic of Scarlett looking as delicious and cleavagy as always, with an elegant Prada dress and a huge leather belt a bunch of testosterone-filled males worldwide would just kill for the chance to unbuckle:

Source: Popoholic.


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