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In the age of super-sequels that stretch to infinity and beyond, every hero has the potential for a saga's worth of storytelling. And none deserve this more than Wonder Woman, the only member of 's Holy Trinity to wait 75 years for a big screen debut. Diana Prince finally gets her moment in the spotlight this year, fighting Ares on the scarred and cratered battlefield of World War I. But what will she do after her inevitable victory?

There's a long gap between Wonder Woman and Batman v Superman, and even with her origin story told, Diana's past is still shrouded in mystery. With ample story potential both before and after Justice League, sequel options are very exciting. And yet, not quite exciting enough for Warner Bros. to green-light Wonder Woman 2 before the first film is released.

Producer Charles Roven spoke to JoBlo about the possibilities.

"You always muse when you are making a film, particularly where you know that everybody is going to be interested, including yourself, on making the next one. [...] So you go, 'what is the next one going to be.' We can’t be thinking about what the next 'Wonder Woman' will be because, are we going to do the intervening period between the end of this 'Wonder Woman' and 'Batman v Superman', or are we going to do something that will pick up after 'Justice League'."

However, while all these options have been considered, there just hasn't been the time yet to discuss anything at length — or plan out what the sequel will be.

"Somebody had an idea about that, and somebody had an idea about this… but we didn’t really spend any time because we just finished this movie maybe six weeks ago. [...] The technical aspects of making a movie like this don’t really allow you a lot of time... you don’t really have a lot of time to sit around and talk story."

Of course, it's not just a matter of time. It's highly likely that Warner Bros. are hesitant to green-light sequels before the box office results are in — which is a good strategy, considering how many franchises have had to shelve planned sequels after the movies flopped (Power Rangers, I'm looking at you).

Having said that, it seems highly unlikely that Wonder Woman will perform poorly — the social media embargo has lifted for critics, and the response so far has been overwhelmingly positive. The big question then, isn't whether Wonder Woman will get a sequel, but what it will be about. Charles Roven commented on Patty Jenkins's commitment to Diana, saying that were there to be a sequel, Jenkins would be standing firmly at the helm.

"I believe that she’s dedicated to the character. So I’m hopeful that she’ll be back for another one. But there is no other one yet in the works to commit to."

Jenkins previously talked about her own ideas for , hinting that she wants to see Diana travel to the USA and become the "American superhero" that so many people grew up with.

With Wonder Woman being the 's version of Captain America: The First Avenger, it would be awesome to see Diana travel Stateside and tackle the kind of hard-hitting issues that The Winter Soldier dealt with. Whether this would be set before or after Batman v Superman remains to be seen, but even though there are no current plans for a Wonder Woman sequel in the works, we can all rest assured that whenever it's greenlit, Wonder Woman 2 will be awesome.


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