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We all know Christopher Nolan's name carries a lot of weight in Hollywood, but it turns out he can even get rigid studios to change their minds.

Following Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues, Paramount instigated an all digital distribution model, meaning they would no longer be working with traditional (and physical) cans of film. Although some directors have embraced the new digital medium, others, such as still insist on filming on 35mm film. It seems regarding Nolan, Paramount are willing to change their own rules and have agreed to distribute his upcoming sci-fi epic, Interstellar in both film and digital versions.

Paramount accepts it might make future exceptions, but only if the film-maker has the artistic and, let's face it, commercial clout to make the more expensive distribution of film worth it. The Paramount vice chairman explained:

Although we anticipate the majority of the studio's future releases to be executed in digital formats across the U.S., select exceptions will be made.

Unfortunately, even big-shots like Nolan probably won't be able to keep film alive for much longer. Currently only 8% of theaters in the US can only show film, with the remainder being able to show both formats. It seems like it's only a matter of time before film is made ultimately obsolete.

Although this is sad, we have to remember that the next wave of filmmakers have probably only worked with digital formats and so hopefully they will not feel too stifled by the change. In reality though, the difference to the cinema going audience is negligible. In fact, the digital format could potentially result in cheaper cinema tickets.

Regardless, this is certainly good news for Interstellar. The fact Paramount are willing to ignore a recently announced directive suggests Interstellar must be one hell of a film. Of course, this isn't too surprising, as cast members Matt Damon and Anne Hathaway have already described how they've been blown away by the scope and scale of Interstellar.

What do you think? Are you concerned that film is being phased out, or does it not make a difference to you? Let us know your opinion below.

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