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With so many Disney animated classics being remade for live-action right now, it's time to start considering whether some of the non-Disney animated films of the past could also make such a return. Here are six animated films that could definitely work as live-action movies.

1. 'The Road To El Dorado'

Out of all the films that Animation has produced over the years, including masterpieces like Shrek and How To Train Your Dragon, The Road To El Dorado is still my favorite, and the one I think would work the best in live-action. The story of two hustlers that manage to find the lost city of gold and convince the natives that they are gods is one full of everything you could ever want in a film. This was hilarious, as well as being full of action, romance and magic. I love this film, and fortunately for the studio that attempts to bring this to life once again, I've already done a fan cast regarding who could star in a live-action version of the film, check it out here.

2. 'Anastasia'

This tale as old as time is about the a Russian woman who lost her family as a child and is employed by two con men to impersonate the long lost princess (that she actually is!) This was always an incredible film to watch, and I just so happen to also have a fan cast already prepared for this film too! (Last time I self promote, probably).

3. 'The Swan Princess'

Or, how about another princess that has to recover her identity, but instead of being lost as a child and having lost her memories, she turns into a swan every day and has to find a way to turn back with the help of her animal friends before an evil sorcerer manages to steal her kingdom? I may not have a fan cast for this, but there are plenty of people that could pull off the roles of Odette and Derek, and it could be a lot of fun to bring back to the screen with many of the original songs back.

4. 'Sinbad: Legend Of The Seven Seas'

When DreamWorks told their version of the tale of Sinbad, pirate extraordinaire, it was absolutely brilliant. The story goes that Eris, the Greek Goddess of Chaos, steals the Book of Peace and frames Sinbad. The legendary sailor is then forced to find the book to clear his name before his friend, Proteus, takes Sinbad's death penalty for himself. This could be great in live-action form, and it could set off a bit of a Sinbad franchise, as there are so many stories that could be told in this style.

5. 'The Iron Giant'

The favorite animated film of many, The Iron Giant tells the story of a giant robot from outer space that befriends a young boy, and together they have to stop a crazed government agent. This is a truly heartwarming, and heartbreaking, story, and would be Oscar-worthy compared to some other giant robot films currently dragging their franchise on and on.

6. 'Magic Sword: Quest For Camelot'

I think this film is one that everybody loved as a child but have since forgotten about. The excellent story follows a girl called Kayley, a blind hermit and a two-headed dragon as they try to save Camelot and King Arthur from the wrath of Ruber, a former knight of the round table who betrayed Arthur and killed Kayley's father. Ruber stole Excalibur from Arthur and it falls to Kayley to return the sword to the King so he can fight off the impending threat and save her mother. How often do you see blind heroes in film? This would be a great choice for the brilliant story, the songs and gags that come along with it, and the characters themselves, who were so well developed for such a short animated film.

So there it is folks! Are there other films that you would like to see made as live-action movies? Let me know in the comments and check out more of my articles fan Casting Disney films in live-action below!


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