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With its awesome mid-season finale, the zombie show proved that it's back to its best. But where does it go from here? Fans of AMC's The Walking Dead might think that more of the show is always a good thing - especially with a spin-off show in the works. But think again...

The latest reports from financial geeks that run the AMC show are saying that with the network's increase in quality show's, AMC are likely to profit in the coming months. But other financial advisors are arguing the opposite; that because of the structure of AMC, nobody will want to invest in the business:

AMC's shareholder-unfriendly dual-class structure makes owning the stock too risky, even when you consider the growing value of properties such as The Walking Dead.

... Which means that the whole network could potentially go under!?

I'm no money whizz, but that sounds pretty serious. In fact, I'm not sure what scares me more - this, or the zombiepocalypse!

Take a look at the video and see what you think:

What do you think of AMC's programming slate? Reason to be worried?

(Source: DailyFinance)



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