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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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Daryl's out of his sad rags and back in the gang with Rick, Michonne and his buddies: Despite the dreary, depressing tone of season 7a of , it ended on a hopeful note. Promise is in the air, and it turns out that Daryl Dixon himself (well, actor Norman Reedus) is just as psyched about the uplifting look of 7b as you are. Talking to EW, Reedus revealed that it just didn't feel right having Daryl so isolated:

''Oh, God, it’s great. You know, this show always feels like the show to me when that group is working in unison, and that first half was very hard for us to film. It was just rough. We were all separated, and we just kind of missed each other. We missed having the feeling that we had when we started this thing. I mean, I know the show evolves and all of that stuff, but man, that first half was rough, so I’m excited that we’re all back together. I know everybody’s excited.''

''Excited'' might be a bit of an understatement at this point, Norm!

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Although it may, sometimes, be necessary to the storyline, we HATE to see Daryl suffer. So does Reedus!

''Yeah, and I mean, I understand when characters go through certain things, and mostly they’re cut off from the rest of the group, but I didn’t even see anybody. I was in a hole by myself, naked. It just did not feel right to me. I’d talk to Gimple, and I’d be like, ‘Man, this sucks. I hate this.’ And he’d be like, ‘You’re supposed to.’ I’m like, ‘Oh, there you go.’ You know what I mean? He was right. It was supposed to suck, and it did suck — for me, anyway. But you know, it just makes coming back together that much more special.''

Reedus is like the meta-Walking Dead: The main character and its biggest fan... he added that much of that dissatisfied ''chatter'' about the murky, tragic tone of The Walking Dead season 7a was partly him!

''I mean, I was saying that about the first half. I think part of that chatter you’re talking about came from me. But you know, it’s true: You can’t make everybody happy about everything. But we try, and you have to keep the story moving forward at all times or you just tell the same story over and over again. But I know new actors that came onto this show that were like, “Man, I miss the old group,” and they were playing new roles this season. So I know that everybody felt it, but people think we’re headed to the left, and we go to the right. So that’s just how we keep people on their toes. But I’m happy that we’re back on that first track again, you know?''

However you felt about season 7a, you'll be pleased to know that The Walking Dead is back on AMC at an unspecified time in 2017.


Are you looking forward to the 'Walking Dead' gang being (mostly) back together in season 7b?

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