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Daryl Dixon fans may have been planning to riot if he dies in The Walking Dead but now they may have a different reason — the actor is officially off the dating market!

Reedus has taken his relationship with fellow actor, Diane Kruger public with a good old fashioned public display of affection, while out in New York City on Tuesday night. The pair have been rumored to be dating for over a year, after they were spotted together in late 2015, eight months after Kruger's long-term relationship with actor Joshua Jackson came to an end.

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The two met when they starred opposite each other in the 2015 film, Sky. The movie followed French woman Romy (Kruger), who is on holiday in the US with her husband when she hits him in self defense after he attempts to rape her. Believing she killed her husband, Romy goes on the on the run from authorities and comes across Diego (Reedus), whom she quickly falls for.

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