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If you've been a fan of The Walking Dead for any period of time, then you've probably also heard the countless stories of how generous the cast and crew frequently are with not only their money, but also their time and celebrity influence.

Among the show stars, is one who very frequently and publicly shows his support for various causes. Managing to fit in his charity work on top of shooting and his own series on Ride With Norman Reedus, the star still finds the time to support causes, including the recent CannaKids fundraiser, which managed to raise over $17,000 with Reedus's help.

Intern Ann with Daniel Gillies [Credit: Facebook/2 Single Moms LLC]
Intern Ann with Daniel Gillies [Credit: Facebook/2 Single Moms LLC]

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But this week Reedus helped out another deserving fan, agreeing to be interviewed by 14-year-old Ann, an intern for the website 2 Single Moms, a site which focusses on meeting and interviewing stars from the TV series The Walking Dead and Supernatural... and musician Kid Rock. Ann and Norman chatted on the phone for almost eight minutes, with Reedus revealing some cool insights into his life and also hints about future episodes of his series, Ride With Norman Reedus.

First up Reedus talked about how the move to small town Georgia to film The Walking Dead was a initially quite the change after coming from New York, but now loves the connections he's forged with the locals, as well as the small town attitudes to life.

Following on, Ann asked Reedus about the possibility of Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Negan) appearing in his series Ride With Norman Reedus. While Reedus stopped short of giving a total confirmation, he basically let the cat out of the bag. "Um, Jeffrey might be a guest this season, you don't know. I'm just about to start this season," he said.

And Norman also recounted another of his famous pranks on co-star and friend, Andrew Lincoln, this time involving a foreign language. According to Reedus while the pair were in Japan on nationwide TV, he tricked Lincoln into saying what he believed to be "thank you for having me in your country," in Japanese, but was actually "excuse me, where is the toilet?" Hilarious! And what a sweet gesture to make Ann's day (or week, or year?) by giving up his time to be interviewed.

You can watch Ann's full interview with Norman Reedus below:

The Walking Dead returns to AMC with Episode 9 on February 12.


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