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"Finally, a naked Daryl!" said absolutely no one during Sunday night's episode of , because that was definitely not the context in which we wanted to see Daryl's birthday suit.

"The Cell" was a dark episode, and I'm not just talking about the lack of lighting. Left in a prison cell without warmth or weapons, fed canned dog food and forced to listen to the most painfully cheery song you never knew existed, Daryl has certainly found himself at an all-time low. It was without a doubt the saddest sandwich-eating montage television has ever seen.

Despite only being naked for about seven minutes of the episode, in reality Norman Reedus had to endure two or three chilly days sans-clothes during filming. And in classic Norman Reedus style, he of course forewent the customary modesty sock.

"I walked in, and wardrobe was like, 'do you want to wear a sock over your junk?' and I was like, 'nope.'"

Predictably, this wasn't the first time Reedus had been nude on set. In Season 6 Episode 1, he literally ran on to set stark naked. Why? Because he'd slept in. But why was he naked? Because he's Norman Reedus, that's why.

This time however, Reedus's nudity was less spontaneous. But that still didn't stop him from making everyone on set feel super uncomfortable.

"I just went in, naked. It's funny though, it's kind of like watching a tennis match. I sat down naked in front of the whole camera crew, and everyone's head just moved to the right. It was like they were watching Wimbledon."


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Despite The Walking Dead forever trying to outdo in the excessive violence stakes, the show is still restricted by a few regulations most likely implemented by AMC. Ever notice how no one ever swears on that show? I've never heard more dissatisfying last words than Abraham's "suck my nuts." Those words were weak as nuts, Abraham.


AMC has also left the sex factor to HBO, opting for the classic cut-away to imply characters getting down to business. AMC are such prudes that they had to add a character named Jesus to Rick and Michonne's nude scene, just to make things a little more wholesome.


Given The Walking Dead's uptight tendencies, it's surprising that Daryl was given so much nude screen time. The gore was certainly kicked up a notch with Lucille's shining moment in Episode 1 — could this be the start of a bold new direction for the series?

What tactics will Negan use to humiliate Rick and his group next week?

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