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With the world's major betting houses raking in trillions from wagers on who'll die next in this season of The Walking Dead, it comes as no surprise that the insiders on the show may get asked about possible deaths every now and then. , who portrays fan favorite Daryl Dixon on the hit AMC show, is no exception. While speaking to on the subject he responded, with only a teeny tinge of irony:

What’s with all these death questions? Maybe, I can be found by a harem of sirens that can sing to me and pet my head. I could become their sex slave and populate mermaid land with redneck fish people.

But yeah, while ostensibly adhering to this Sacred Rule of Avoiding the Question (thank goodness, nothing's more irritating than spoiler-happy actors), Reedus broke the same code when asked about the movie The Boondock Saints 3 (currently in the script writing phase of production). He also revealed in his talk with that an ideal payoff for his character Murphy McManus would be to

go out in a hail of gunfire.

Looks like Reedus can't wait to get the scripts in his hands:

I want to read it. I want it to be good. I probably want it to end there.

Below, Reedus discusses more on the Schmoes Know Podcast:

Watch the complete interview below:


What do you think? Would a similar demise for Daryl be appropriate? Are you gonna watch Boondock Saints III?

The Walking Dead (currently in season 4) airs Sundays at 9 PM (EST) on AMC.



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