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Matt Carter

AMC's The Walking Dead might have a huge and loyal fan base but the zombie drama didn't get a lot of love when it came to this year's Emmy nominations. The hit show only nabbed one nomination, for Outstanding Prosthetic Makeup For A Series, whereas Game of Thrones' mantle piece could soon be bursting with awards as the HBO show scored an incredible 16 nominations.

So why doesn't The Walking Dead get more recognition come awards season? , who plays fan favorite Daryl on the show, thinks it could have something to do with snobbery, or even anti-zombie bias.

(via Access Hollywood)

I love The Walking Dead as much as you guys but any show that climaxes with a scene involving Andrea trying repeatedly to pick up a pair of pliers with her feet can't expect to walk home with the top awards. But considering the show continues to set ratings records and smash its competitors into the dust, does it really matter if The Walking Dead doesn't get critical recognition?



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