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Waiting for The Walking Dead to return can strain any fan's patience. We search for news about our favorite stars, hang out on Twitter to see if we've missed anything, and rewatch the previous season to catch up before the premiere. In case you don't already know (which I'm sure you do), The Walking Dead Season 7 premieres on October 23rd.

That gives you plenty of time to watch ' indie movie, Sky.

Available on Netflix, Sky stars Reedus and German actress in a dysfunctional relationship that starts as a result of another dysfunctional relationship. Reedus plays his normal bad-boy self, but this film gives him the opportunity to delve deeper into emotion and conflict. In this movie, Reedus isn't fighting zombies; he's fighting time.

Nominated for a Platform Prize at the Toronto International Film Festival, Sky won't appeal to everyone. There is plenty of bad language, several sex scenes and violence, one of which is an almost rape scene. The only way to describe this drama would be gritty and dark.

At the end, you'll feel like your emotions have gone through a twister, but it's worth the look for Norman Reedus' performance alone. There's no denying that he can act.

Incidentally, Sky was originally released in France in April 2016 and in Germany on June 6th, but this isn't what is considered a foreign film. Most of it is in English, and what French is included is subtitled. While you're watching, see if you can catch Lou Diamond-Phillips in his "blink or you'll miss him" role.

Though the film has many negative reviews on Netflix, most of it is due to the slow pace of the movie as well as some fictional elements. Sky isn't a happy-go-lucky movie. There are plenty of dark moments and few bright ones, but fans of Norman Reedus and Diane Kruger should definitely see it.

Have you seen Sky? What did you think of Norman Reedus' performance?


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