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With many Star Wars fans wishing to get frozen in carbonite and only thawed in 2015, the fellas over at the franchise's official YouTube channel have decided to treat devotees to a little nostalgic lagniappe: a vintage teaser trailer for that classic among classics, Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope from the long-past year 1976. Back then, the movie was still simply known as Star Wars, and , a young cineaste fresh out of film school whose only recognizable work was American Graffiti (his sci-fi debut feature, THX 1138, was largely unknown), had yet to revolutionize the entire movie-making and special effects industry.

The trailer in itself comes to show how much marketing strategies have changed in these past 37 years. Thankfully, nowadays trailers are better edited and designed for maximum impact, publicity-wise. This two-minute teaser is chock-full of somewhat palaverous statements, such as:

Somewhere in space, this may all be happening right now.

A story of a boy, a girl and a Universe.

An epic of heroes, villains and aliens from a thousand worlds.

A billion years in the making, and it's coming to your galaxy this summer.

You'll also notice, in the few frames showing lightsaber action, that the weapons of choice for Force-sensitive warriors appear to be white, instead of the familiar blue and red hues that have become so iconic. I'm guessing that the trailer got released before Korean animator could paint the colors with rotoscope during the editing process (remember, the trailer came out a year before the theatrical release).

In any case, here you have it, folks: the original, unadulterated-with-modern-CGI-crap teaser trailer for Star Wars. Do you think you'd be persuaded to watch the movie just from this trailer? I know I definitely would, although I'd probably be surprised by how much better the actual film looks compared to the somewhat flimsy teaser.

May the Force be with you, always.


Star Wars: Episode VII is currently in its pre-production stages, will begin shooting on January 21st, 2014 and has a targeted release date of December 25th, 2015.



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