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Alisha Grauso

Sorry, Vin's "angels", but you're going to have to set aside dreams of showing off his thespian side a little while longer.

Deadline is reporting that the action star is in talks to join 's latest project, The Last Witch Hunter, as the titular star.

The story follows a witch hunter, one of the last of his kind, whose job it is to keep the witch and warlock population of the world under control. He must partner with his natural enemy, a female witch, when the covens of New York City threaten to unleash a plague upon humanity.

The script was written by (Priest), whose Witch Hunter script was on the 2010 Black List. Eisner (son of Disney's ), in contrast, hasn't had such great luck in his filmography to date, with his most notable films being relative flops: 2005's Sahara and 2010's remake of The Crazies.

Diesel, on the other hand, just keeps making money hand over fist, with the sixth installment of his Fast & Furious franchise hitting theaters later this year.


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