ByBrian Salisbury, writer at
Brian Salisbury

Horror trends come and go in waves. Sometimes zombies are in fashion, other times ghosts are all the rage. In the multiplexes at the moment, it would seem demons are in possession of the most screentime. However, methinks Bigfoot may be tiptoeing his way into becoming the next major trend.

A slew of Bigfoot-centric horror flicks are on the immediate horizon. 's Willow Creek played Toronto last October, has the skunk-ape-themed Exists set to premiere at SxSW here in Austin, and if the trailer for Happy Camp is any indication, it too will revolve around one of America's hairiest urban legends.

The film stars Josh Anthony (who also co-wrote and directed) as one of four filmmakers shooting a documentary about a mysterious town in California in which an usual amount of folks have gone missing. Happy Camp was produced by 's Flower Films label.

Below, thanks to Deadline, is the first trailer for the movie. You tell us if you don't get a strong Bigfoot vibe here.



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