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More proof that Hollywood has a personal vendetta against you and your childhood, Bloody Disgusting is reporting that 1990 cult classic Flatliners has just been given the green light to be remade. If that just made you cringe in horror, congratulations, you're my age (i.e. old). If you simply asked, "What's Flatliners?", then you have nothing to worry about as you bask in the warm glow of your youth. Also, I maybe hate you.

(Fun fact for those of you keeping score at home, our Editor-in-Chief is adamantly opposed to this project. Because he is old, like me. [Please don't fire me.])

(The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) has been tapped to direct the remake, the script of which will be coming from Source Code scribe .

The original film boasted one of those all-star 80s casts with , , , , and playing a group of medical students who start playing freeze tag with death, purposely bringing themselves right to the edge without permanently crossing over to see if they can bring back any secrets from the other side. When they become reckless as they spend more and more time in death before bringing themselves back to life, their experiments start to go horribly awry.

Oplev's next directorial efforts can be seen in the upcoming Dead Man Down, which hits theaters March 8th and sees Oplev reteamed with his Prometheus star, , and .

In the meantime, check out the trailer for the original film below (and please ignore the cheesy voiceover).

One thing is certain, no matter who remakes the film or who gets cast, they will never, NEVER be able to replicate the magnificence of Kevin Bacon's hair. Never.



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