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Many fans of The Walking Dead will agree that , the actor who plays the white-bearded survivor Hershel Greene, pulled off an impressive performance in the fifth episode of this fourth season (titled Internment), which aired yesterday.

This episode had Wilson do some amazing stuntwork, especially for a man his age. The demanding physical feats included tense faceoffs with more than a few walkers, who managed to overrun the 'sick' area of the facility. Viewers got to learn about Wilson doing his own stunts through the post-episode talk show Talking Dead, hosted by . What makes Scott's work so impressive is that he is seventy-one years old. I sure hope I get to be as nimble and fit at that age...

Other people certainly felt a similar admiration, and expressed it accordingly in words. For example, the co-creator of The Walking Dead comics, Robert Kirkman, had this to say about the veteran veterinarian:

It's a little bit of super-Hershel in action here. He's taking on a great deal. I think he's handling it pretty well.

Actress , who plays Maggie Greene on the show, remarked:

Scott has been... I mean, I don't have the stamina that Scott has to do the work that he's done on this episode. It's crazy.

Stunt coordinator Russell Towery added another compliment to the heaps of praise for Wilson:

We didn't double at all. He did a great job.

The man of the hour himself admitted:

[Showrunner] warned me and said it's going to be tough emotionally and physically on you. He was right, but it's been total fun to play on.

You can watch some of the stunts performed by Hershel in Internment in this 'making of' video of the episode below:

The Walking Dead airs Sundays on AMC at 9 PM (EST).



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