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Recently, fans of Nickelodeon classic Rugrats were left conflicted by the release of the characters possible new designs for Boom! Studios upcoming Rugrats comic books, with many unsure over whether they liked them or not. These fans may have to get used to it, because it seems like the Rugrats new-look has been confirmed.

The NYCC Exclusive Variant Cover

[Credit: Nickelodeon, Boom! Studios]
[Credit: Nickelodeon, Boom! Studios]

Boom's Rugrats #1 is due for release on October 18, but attendees of the 2017 New York Comic-Con have a chance to pick up a copy a week early, complete with a variant cover exclusive to the event. While the Rugrats themselves don't appear on this cover, most of their parents, fleeing from a rampaging Reptar, are drawn in a style that matches the babies supposed new designs. This redesign can be seen below in a tweet from popular fan-page:

Change looks to be coming for the Rugrats, whether their fans approve or not — and it may not just be the Rugrats.

Other Classic Nicktoons Could Face Redesigns

Credit: Nickelodeon, Boom! Studios.
Credit: Nickelodeon, Boom! Studios.

Rugrats is only the first Nickelodeon classic to be resurrected via the publishing deal with Boom!. In December, they will release Rocko's Modern Life #1, meaning that series characters could also face a redesign. Whether these will be met with a similar icy reception is yet to be seen.

Boom's Rugrats #1 will be released on October 16. What do you think of the redesign?


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