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Brian Salisbury

Remember the dueling White House siege movies of 2013? How about the rival Truman Capote films of 2005, or the competing killer asteroid flicks of 1998? Well it looks like 2014 will be the year of head-to-head Hercules. Not only will we be treated to swinging the sword as the titular hero in 's Hercules, but former Twilight star will step into the role for in The Legend of Hercules.

Straight from New York City Comic-Con, the first trailer for the latter has been released. To me, the trailer presents a film no more spectacular than your average episode of the Starz series Spartacus: Blood and Sand or Spartacus: Gods of the Arena or Spartacus: The Jock Itch (that last one may be made up). What I do like about it however is the appearance of as King Amphitryon. Also, though both are known for cheesy crowd-pleasing fare, I definitely think Harlin is a far better director than Ratner. Still, Lutz is not what I would call a magnetic lead so this could go either way.

Take a look at the trailer and give us your thoughts...


Source: GeekTyrant


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