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David Latona

Always wondered how the realistic computer-animated primates from the new Planet of the Apes franchise look pre-CGI? Here's a couple of interesting new videos, filmed by some alert onlooker on set, which show the Gollum-reminiscent stuntmen in grey-colored, electrode-covered SFX bodysuits brusquely herding conquered human extras towards an unknown destination. Via ComicBookMovie, have a look at the video, recorded in front of San Francisco's City Hall, for a behind-the-scenes peek into the Dawn of the Planet of the Apes 'making of.'


Here's a second (Insta)video, showing some simians monkey-jumping on top of a car:

And, as a well-deserved bonus, check out some on-set pictures of ' upcoming sci-fi production!

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes will come to a theater near you on July 18th, 2014.



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