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In another major return announcement, it has been revealed that Katrina Law will be returning to Arrow as Nyssa Al Guhl. According to EW, Nyssa will appear in a multiple-episode arc towards the end of Season 5, culminating in an epic battle with her sister Talia.

Law — who is currently appearing in CBS' Training Day — will now join fellow Arrow veterans Katie Cassidy and Manu Bennett, who will return as Black Siren and Deathstroke for Season 5's final few episodes.

The Ultimate Showdown

While Talia may be the more famous Al Guhl sister, she isn't Arrow's most beloved member of that family — that honor belongs to Nyssa, who has been appearing sporadically throughout the series since Season 2.

Talia's betrayal of the Green Arrow shocked us all, but it was also reminiscent of Batman film . (Talia has a thing for betraying the men who kill her father.) On the other hand, while Nyssa has had her differences with Team Arrow over the years, she is ultimately an ally. And Oliver Queen could certainly use a lot of them right about now.

Nyssa is set to face off with her sister Talia. [Credit: The CW]
Nyssa is set to face off with her sister Talia. [Credit: The CW]

After all, Arrow's executive producer revealed that Oliver may find himself teaming up with some unlikely allies. So while we might just see the likes of Black Siren and Deathstroke aiding the emerald archer in his fight against Prometheus, it's also possible that Nyssa will return to his side. The two may have been unwillingly forced into a Nanda Parbat marriage, but that died with Nyssa's father.

With Nyssa firmly on the side of the and her sister's previously questionable actions with Prometheus, you can bet that all hell will break loose when Ra's Al Guhl's demonic daughters finally square off. The heir to the Demon is back, and Talia may just pay the ultimate price for her shocking betrayal.

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The news of Nyssa's return will definitely increase anticipation for this season's finale. With the impending conclusion to the Prometheus saga, beloved character returns and now the showdown between Nyssa and Talia all on the way, Arrow's Season 5 finale is shaping up to be one of the strongest yet. But who will be left standing when the daughters of the Demon square off in Star City?

She's back! [Credit: The CW]
She's back! [Credit: The CW]

Are you excited to see Nyssa and Talia fight on Arrow? Let us know in the comments below!

[Source: Entertainment Weekly]


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