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This just in! After so much wishing from fans and cautious optimism from skeptics, it seems like the folks at and have listened. It appears that a standalone film under the stories banner will be happening!

There's no script or official cast and crew yet but the early world is that Stephen Daldry, best known for Billy Elliot, is in talks to helm the space opera. Of all the proposed films fans have been hearing about over the years, a Kenobi film with McGregor returning has been top of that list. Heck, even Ewan McGregor has been excited for the possibility of returning.

Alec Guinness (left) and McGregor as the two Kenobis [Credit: Lucasfilm/20th century Fox]
Alec Guinness (left) and McGregor as the two Kenobis [Credit: Lucasfilm/20th century Fox]

The spin off films have had a bumpy road thus far, with Rogue One being hit with a huge reshoot and rewrite plan and the untitled Han Solo film firing directors Lord and Miller just weeks before production was set to wrap. Veteran director Ron Howard replaced them shortly after.

Making a Kenobi film is no easy task as the filmmakers have to find a way to intergrate the character into the narrative without making it feel like fan service. With Oscar nominated director Daldry on board, we should expect a good dose of characterization. Aside from Billy Elliot, Daldry as worked on various works of theater and has directed episodes of 's acclaimed series The Crown. With the new Disney canon sampling from the old expanded universe, perhaps the filmmakers could sample from John Jackson Miller's Kenobi novel, assuming they're setting the film between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope.


Are you excited to hear that a Kenobi film might be happening?

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