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One of the best things about 's Tron: Legacy (apart from the spectacular visuals and super-young looking of course) was the score from electonic demi-gods Daft Punk. Kosinski has gone down the electro route again for his upcoming movie Oblivion, enlisting the talents of M83′s Anthony Gonzalez, who has scored the movie alongside TRON: Uprising composer Joseph Trapanese.

The good news is we've got one of the tracks from the score for you guys to listen to. Titled "StarWaves", it's a mini-masterpiece of rising choruses and atmospheric synth-backed awesomeness.

Listen to it below and feel yourself get transported to a futuristic world. is hanging around there somewhere though, so be careful:

(via Rolling Stone)

Oblivion lands in theaters April 19th.

What were your thoughts on the track? Drop a comment in the section below.


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