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Receiving numerous awards and outstanding reviews, The Dark Tapes is making its way closer towards its 2017 release. With claims of being a cross between beloved series The Twilight Zone, and found footage/anthology cult classic V/H/S, horror fans couldn't be more excited. Appealing to fans of both science fiction and horror, anthology films and found footage, we just know it is going to be killer. Take a look at one of their five teaser trailers available on their website below.

As we anxiously continue to await the arrival of The Dark Tapes, here are five awesomely obscure horror anthologies to appease your blood lust in the meantime:

5. Sanitarium

As the film's title Sanitarium would imply, this underrated gem consists of three short stories of psychological horrors. Woven together by the institute's psychologist, played by cinematic legend Malcolm McDowell, you can actually meet him at this year's Rock and Shock convention in Worcester, Massachusetts in October.

4. Holidays

Seth Green, Lorenza Izzo, Kevin Smith and Jocelin Donahue are just a few of the names you can expect to see in the credits of this awesome anthology appropriately titled Holidays.

3. Extraordinary Tales

Gorgeously narrated by author Cornelia Funke, they couldn't have given Death a more beautiful voice in this animated anthology of Edgar Allen Poe stories titled Extraordinary Tales.

2. Scary Or Die

Scary or Die is reminiscent of obscure gems like Amusement, and horror-comedy Tales of Halloween. Certainly worth the watch — what horror fan doesn't love a good creepy clown from time to time?

1. Chillerama

Hilariously over the top and refreshingly original, this anthology is an homage to both classic and campy styles of horror. Chillerama features writing and directing from two of horror's most beloved creative talents — Joe Lynch and Adam Green.

Leave us your thoughts on the upcoming insta-classic The Dark Tapes in the comment section. Also, be sure to take the poll below to let us know which one of these obscure anthologies will be your next fright-night selection.

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Which one of these obscure horror anthologies are you watching next?


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