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Warning: Spoilers and speculation for The Walking Dead Season 7 and comic series ahead.

Over the past season of we've met a community on a hilltop, one that thinks of itself as a kingdom, and another with a rather interesting security system, but could we be about to met another group who lives by the sea in an upcoming episode?

While next week's Episode 4, "Service" looks to be taking place back at Alexandria, and Episode 5, "Go Getters" will take place at Hilltop, when Episode 6 airs it seems like we're headed to the beach with Tara and Heath where they'll meet a new group of people.

Tara and Heath leave the group in Episode 12 [AMC]
Tara and Heath leave the group in Episode 12 [AMC]

It seems like was an age ago that we last saw Tara and Heath, who left on a long supply run last season, so it's great that we're finally going to check back in with them.

According to, the synopsis for Episode 6 (which is yet to be titled) reads: "Tara and Heath are running into serious trouble. A mysterious new group is introduced." And while that doesn't necessarily say they'll be near the ocean, confirmation that the show was shooting on a beach, combined with footage from the trailer seems to hint that's where this new community will be.

Tara in the trailer [AMC]
Tara in the trailer [AMC]

As you'll recall, we got some special footage of Tara and Heath right at the end of the trailer. The final 20 seconds or so seemed solely dedicated to the pair and the obstacles in their way. First up we saw Tara cowering in the forest, holding a knife as a woman roamed around looking for her. The trailer then flicked through footage of Heath as he fought off walkers emerging from sand, and a the pair as they looked to be fleeing from an armed group, before Tara hit someone with the butt of her gun.

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Though it was quick, we got a couple of looks at the structures were it looks like the group have been hiding, including here, hidden in the trees:

A settlement hidden in the forest [AMC]
A settlement hidden in the forest [AMC]

Also if you look closely, you'll notice the ground seems particularly sandy rather than earthy, meaning it's probably in close proximity to the beach - an idea backed up by news over the summer that the series had sought permission to film two scenes on Driftwood beach on Jekyll Island, Georgia.

So who could these beach-dwelling survivors be? Well the comic series could provide the answer! In Issue 139 of the comics it's revealed that the survivors are working with a survivors from a community called Oceanside who live primarily off of the sea. We haven't actually learned that much more about the community in the comics, though that could mean that it's primed to be introduced into the TV series early (the TV show is currently showing events covered between Issues 101 - 105 of the comics).

The ship the survivors use in the comics [Image Comics]
The ship the survivors use in the comics [Image Comics]

But although we might know who this new mysterious community in the TV series are based on, that still doesn't answer the question of whether or not the group are threats to Tara and Heath.

Obviously the trailer wants us to believe that the pair are in a lot of trouble, and the group are hunting them down. However, that's been a classic AMC tactic over the years (remember when they had us thinking that a major Season 6 plot line would be Rick vs. Morgan? Yeah), so I'm instantly more inclined to think that Tara and Heath might initially see the group as a threat (or vice versa), but eventually built a relationship with them - after all, with Negan and the Saviors on the scene, can we really afford any more enemy groups? Definitely not!

The Walking Dead returns to AMC with Episode 4 on November 13, and Episode 6 starring Tara and Heath will air on November 27.


Do you think the ocean-dwelling survivors will be friends or foes?


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